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I have always loved fabrics, and with that passion, a strong family legacy of aesthetics and decoration and an important share of inspiration, I created the brand in 2011".


Since I was a child, I saw how my mother redecorated her houses and redesigned her gardens, so antiques, flowers, plants, fabrics and decoration were always part of my world, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The time came, and in 1987 Pucky, opened her first antique shop, "Rainbow Corner", and a few years later together with my 2 talented sisters, Josefina (@mediterraneo.pottery) and Ariane (@theparadiseantiques), we joined forces to incorporate the fabrics and make integral decorations. After several years of successful work together and several exhibitions, in 2011, I decided to take another path, creating my own brand selling unique fabrics, and so I opened the first store in Palermo offering imported fabrics. Then in 2015, I began to design my own fabrics, with a strong inspiration based on the botanicals, birds and flowerbeds that both my mother Pucky and my grandmother Idie, bequeathed from always and thus planted in me the love for design and the desire to create through them, warmth, originality, and a personal imprint in decoration.


Today with the incorporation of the latest technology, one of the few direct digital printing machines in Argentina, we are dedicated to design and print on demand, our designs on natural fibers using natural pigments. We print only on demand, thus having only small cuts in stock and thus achieving our goal of sustainability with little waste.


"The passion for design and decoration, and the colors that guide me in those special moments of design, give me great joy, I hope I can bring that same feeling of happiness and creativity in your lives".

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